23 June 2008

Cape Cod Cluttered no more

Saturday I was supposed to pop 'round to Sanfilippo's for Sandy's farewell get together.

It won't come as a huge shock to hear that I didn't go. I intended to but I'm not really good at good byes.

The whole thing had a bit of wake feel to it and the prospect of those of us who have been connected through Sandy making noises about keeping in touch only to have those good intentions dissolve just put me in a let's just cut to the chase and go our separate ways jaded mood.

Sandy is Sandy of Cape Cod Clutter she and her store have been a constant in my life and that of many others for many many years.

But things change, and Sandy finally reached what I call San Diego burn out (something I sometimes struggle with). The timing of the burn out hit about same time as a rent increase, property management change and other minor life annoyances combined to create a personal tipping point.

After three decades, Cape Cod Clutter closed its doors on the 20th and will reinvent itself in the Sierras.

Ray Bradbury will no doubt be disappointed to find Sandy gone if he does one of his
Sanfilippo's dinners after Comic Con this year.

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