19 June 2008

North Park Nestle man & crosswords

In another flashback moment, on the same day I snapped the picture of the Tripble load washers, I happened upon this little guy on University near North Park's Bermuda Triangle.

Although his original purpose was to promote ice cream, he's been perverted into promoting cheque cashing services.

His University Heights near relative was documented on this blog back in August of 2006.

Although I have no photographic evidence, I have it on good authority that there's a Southern sibling hanging 'round the food court at Otay Ranch Shopping Centre in Chula Vista.

I've been annoying people for some time by my tendency to do the San Diego Reader crossword puzzle in ink.

My father was worse as when he really wanted to annoy my mother, he actually did crosswords in the typewriter. I suppose that if I actually still had a typewriter I might try it just to be a wise-ass.

Anyhow, last week they started doing this thing where they'll not only award the "coveted" Reader T-shirt to
randomly selected correct entries, they'll list your name, a short message and keep track of how many weeks you've entered a correct entry.

With the option of dropping the entry into their mail slot down in Little Italy, I figure it's a no-brainer that forces/encourages me to not only save a stamp but get off my butt and move. So I'm up for the challenge. Somewhere 'round here, I already have a Reader T-shirt but I got it from a name this place puzzle not the crossword.

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