24 June 2008

Entrelac 102 -- the left side triangle

The base triangles are the foundation/set up round part of the piece.

Once you finish your last base triangle, you're done, you're so over them.

The next step is the left side triangle. This triangle provides the transition to the right leaning rectangles that are part three of the essential guide to entrelac.

You work this triangle, not shockingly, when you reach the far left side of your work . Since that's only time you work the triangle, don't be shocked if you have to check your notes when you come to this module later in your project.

This triangle adds increases and decreases into the mix of techniques that combine to produce entrelac.

You are still short rowing (or more correctly long rowing) as you will be working less than the full number of live stitches remaining on your last base triangle.

The P2tog constrains the fabric to the right and, over time, consumes each of the live stitches from your base triangle.

So work from the diagram and get ready for your first set of rectangles.


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