16 July 2008

Entrelac 105 -- Left leaning rectangles

In this segment of the essential guide to entrelac, the second most used module comes into play.

The left leaning rectangle, like its sibling the right leaning, will become almost auto-pilot knitting as you zoom along knitting to the left side from your right side triangle to the left.

But don't stop at base triangles -1 with this one.

Unlike the right leaning rectangle, the number of left leaning rectangles will equal the number of base triangles you've started with.

Once again the short rows, like Elvis, have left the building, it's all picked up stitches and decreases that make this work.

The left leaning rectangle through its picked up stitches and decreases connects to the right leaning rectangles on the row below.

Here's a look ahead at the completed row/course of rectangles and the diagram.

There's only one more module to learn and that's the top triangle but you can't get there from here without a practical review of modules Entrelac 102 , Entrelac 103 and Entrelac 104 which, along with this module you can repeat over and over again until you're out of yarn, out of patience, or out of the learning curve.

At a minimum, you will need to complete another left side triangle, a set of right leaning rectangles and a right side triangle before you're set up to complete the course and top it all off with the top triangles.


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