03 July 2008

Mystery House, Knit@Nite and pattern pain

The oh so painfully slow progress project had its own due date this week and I so stressed over it.

Walking home from the Stitch N Pitch game on the 29th, my ribbing when I shouldn't have got frogged back. When I double checked the width, I had to revise my stitch count for that part of the project and cast on for another version.

Normally for me pattern writing is an iterative process with a write, rest. revisit and revise cycle but this project has been ridiculous.

The stitch pattern I've chosen is a slow mover so I'm only managing about 2 to 21/2 inches of knitting per day's knitting. Since it's a woven pattern, the reality of the width does really show itself until you're pretty far into the knitting. And yes, I did swatch, and swatch and reswatch and reswatch.

Maybe I'm just grumpy,

I hope to have the project finished by next month's Knit@nite and delivered for it's road trip shortly after.

Meanwhile, at this month's Knit@nite we had a better turn out this month than last when the traffic was a major factor in.

Even though I was pretty sure that I'd brought the pin cushions to show before shipping them off to the tender mercies of the folks at Interweave, I had them with me at the request of a friend who, as it turned out didn't end up attending.

So the pin cushions stayed in their box, I talked a bit about the work in painfully slow progress and passed around the lovely "parting gift" I had from the folks at Piecework.

Julie had an abundance of lace (what a shock) and we got to see Linda's nups (on her swallowtail shawl).

I took Julie's comment that she thinks of her knitting as nuts until she sees mine as the compliment that it is. Good thing

The photos in this posting are totally unrelated except to the extent that they are of a mystery place in Mission Hills. It's at the corner of Ingalls and Montecito Way.

While I can't really remember when it first caught my attention,
I walk by from time to time to see if there's a sign of life, of restoration or other change. So far over the course of a couple of years nothing.

But my last mystery Mission Hills home is now a stunner so things can change.


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