09 July 2008

Entrelac 104 -- the right side triangle

In our last episode of the essential guide to entrelac, I promised there would be picked up stitches.

What I didn't tell you was that the short/long rows have taken a short break. In the right side triangle it's all down to the decreases.

Did you also happen to notice that if, for example in my case, you have five base triangles, you'll only work four right leaning rectangles?

If you tried to work a fifth one instead of stopping to wait for the right side triangle instructions, you wouldn't be the first.

But, if you did do that, tink it back to the point where you picked up and purled x number of stitches. Otherwise, start with the pickup and let's tackle the right side triangle before shifting gears back to the left.

The side triangles sort of breaks your momentum as you're barreling along with your right leaning rectangles and the right side triangles is very closely related to its right leaning rectangle neighbour.

The difference is that there's not a set of live stitches in a neighbouring module that you're consuming/joining with the P2tog.
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In the right side triangle, you're consuming your own stitches or eating your young.


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