04 July 2008


More than once I've noted that, for a girl who doesn't much like shoes, I have rather a lot of them.

One of the reason for having all those shoes is the great grand quest for ones that don't hurt and look good. Yeah, I know, good luck with that.

Several years ago, Suzanne of Knitting In La Jolla introduced me to the crack house for feet that is European Comfort Shoe Store in La Jolla.

That's where I met Priscilla and had that whole Cinderella moment.

I bought the lavender and butter combo in a 38 that first year and I literally wore them to death.

The comfort foot pad got shredded from wear. One of the reasons for the excess wear was that I probably should have bought a 37 or 36 to keep my feet from pushing forward so much.

Being me and having a history of trying to resurrect/resuscitate shoes I love (ask me about my 1st pair of Italian leather sandals some day), I seriously considered moleskin and duct tape as an interim (or not so interim) solution to keep the shoes in the rotation.

Instead, last year I made another shoe crack house and, once again hitting during the buy one get 1/2 off the 2nd pair sale, I found that the Josef Seibel's had just arrived and pairs of Priscillas were in the mix -- SCORE!

I picked up a brown and butter pair and the little blue and green version I'd been kicking myself for not buying the year before. Size 37 this time and the comfort foot pad has survived much better.

However, I've worn the blue and green version to a slightly different death. Comfort bed's fine but the thong just gave out.

Yeah, I know I have a brown pair for back up but brown sandals and black clothes really don't work.

I made another trek to the shoe crack house but there wasn't a Priscilla in sight.

Priscilla, like Elvis it seems, has left the building.

A series of Google searches lead me to Sierra Trading Post where I scored some additional back up brown Priscillas but clearly
this Summer's shoe quest is on.


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