11 July 2008

Crocs don't rock

I've had plenty of folks try to convince me that Crocs rock, Well, I've had my doubts and my issues.

One of my biggest issues comes from the fact that I was born with a gimpy leg/foot. I spent a lot of my early life in braces, casts and other orthopedic "correctional" footwear.

The upside of that is that I don't have weird wonky feet but the down side is that I know that cheap and/or badly fitting shoes cost more than they are worth in blisters and worse.

With the death of my Priscilla denim sandal (and no, I've not given up hope of finding a good shoe repair genie) I've been willing to entertain the possibility that cheap can work. After all, I only found my Havianas after a love affair with uber cheap flip flops from ABC Stores and Longs Drugs but I've always thought Crocs were beyond fugly and suitable only for gardening.

But then, while surfing round for a possible Summer skimmer solution, I found that Crocs also came in a not so ugly choice and at 50% off it was worth the experiment.

Just one day of wear and not a lot of walking yielded a heel blister the size of a dime. Glad I didn't pay full price and these are doomed for the donation bin.


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