13 July 2008

The mystery of the bees

I'm not entirely sure what sort of trees are planted outside my apartment building and on the median strip but last week for the first time in a long time, the city came through and decided to come through and trim them back severely.

This apparently rendered some bees who had been making their home in and around those trees homeless and unhappy about it.

The bees, not being residents of a bee keeper's managed group, were most likely feral bees and most feral bees in San Diego are Africanized as in those nasty so called killer bees who are more likely to sting/attack than your basic bee.

Why does this matter? Well, one morning last week as I was running LAU (late as usual), I noticed a single bee buzzing 'round in one of my bathrooms. I found that to be rather odd since the bath room in question has no windows. Being late and being allergic to bees, I was not inclined to do any thing about a single bee.

When I got home that evening, with a bit of help, that bee was evicted. Problem solved right?

Wrong, next morning, same bathroom, more bees, this time buzzing about the light fixture above the shower/tub enclosure. Now I'm a little more concerned and start trying to figure out how they got in and what I do to get rid of them permanently.

Some serious googling, some networking -- who knew I knew people who know bee people? And the conclusion is that these apparently feral bees were rendered homeless, traumatised and possibly poisoned during the tree trimming so they were in the process of dying. Unfortunately they were doing it in my apartment. Making the only real good news in this that they could be quarantined and left to die without any real danger of me getting stung.

I'm sad for the bees, wish they could have been rescued, restored to health and rehabilitated but in the grand scheme of things when it's a question of me or the bees, the answer is always going to be me.


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