20 July 2008

A South Park stroll

Today was a Whistlestop knitting Sunday.

Because I wasn't sure whether I was going at all, I ended up running super late which made for a one Guinness knitting day.

On the knitting front, mostly I was picking up stitches on the way out.

If I was the Queen of the knitting world, stitches would automatically pick themselves up and be mounted correctly on the needle when you needed them.

The process of picking up stitches was actually going better than I'd expected but I'm still not a picking up stitches fan.

It was a relatively round about route to Whistlestop and back with a stop at George's Camera to confirm that they aren't open on Sundays and lots of twists, turns, starts, stops and back tracking through South Park/Golden Hill.

While walking along Granada after coming out from the dog park at 28th & Grape, I met a knitter and his partner.

Said knitter is a bit of a novice, a computer-phobe, but really charming. So I explained Linen Stitch, suggested some book titles before continuing along my way.

My way finally had me
picking the poison of which homeless group I wanted to walk by going under the 5 and the City College tunnel to come out at Park Blvd and B street.

I probably logged 9 miles or so on the day.

The tree and great car were both seen along the way as was the editorial addition someone decided to add to the signs for the Star Trek exhibit at the Air and Space Museum.


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