25 July 2008

WTFO whimsy

Today's oddball photo wraps up the unexpected theme of the week with a bit of WTFO whimsy.

I caught sight of this unlikely abandoned pair while on walkabout along Washington Street last Tuesday.

Seems I'm not the only one who doesn't think that Crocs rock and their stock shows it. I reads some articles from Reuters, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, and the Motley Fool all tell the same sad tale of woe.

In other stuff I stumbled over today is sweet little spotlight on Whistlestop's Jen.

Google has a sweet little feature called iGoogle and one of the applets I've put on my iGoogle config has a random quote that, from time to time means that I "discover" an author that I might have otherwise missed.

Today's author was from Alice Thomas-Ellis. The quote wasn't exactly profound but it had a witty element that sent me off to my friend Google and from there to the realm of the book addicts blog.

So grows the "to be read" list.

I'm also a big this day in history fan and today's tidbits included this brilliant little bon mot example -- Schubert, having gotten good notices for a composition, wrote his father not to be too pleased by that, because, he said, "a review, however favorable, can be ludicrous if the critic lacks normal intelligence, which is often the case."


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