28 July 2008

Seen along the way

A woman's weight can fluctuate as much as her closet/wardrobe will allow.

That's a paraphrase of a quote I've been trying to source. So far, no luck, Neither Google nor my many quotations reference texts have given it up.

An earring wardrobe, unlike a clothing one (including shoes), doesn't have to fluctuate with weight.

Earrings always fit. The same is not true for rings, bracelets and even necklaces. Again, earrings always fit.

My love of earrings is not predicated on this factoid but it sure doesn't hurt.
I buy them, I make them and mostly when I buy them I get it "right" for me. Sometimes not so much and that usually means that someone else gets the benefit of my mistake. A recent not so perfect purchase has me actually contemplating adding an additional piercing to accommodate them.

The conventional wisdom 'round here is that if I leave the house without earrings I'll probably buy some before I get home. When I opted to walk through Balboa Park on my way to Little Italy
the other day I was wearing earrings but it didn't stop me from making a somewhat extravagant purchase in the form of earrings.

Unlike the last pair purchased, there's no buyer's remorse on these but I'll not be wearing them without ear wire clutches.

Yesterday was the last day of Comic-Con and the nearest I got to that lot is Little Italy where there were indeed men in super hero suits strutting round.

I also noted an update on the shotgun shack political scene, as the Rolling Stone Obama has been replaced with a Hope Obama poster.

The first round of big knitting project assembly went relatively smoothly. Kali had to be quarantined and it was so much not fun that I'm taking a break before tackling round two.

In other political news, I actually saw my first (and likely my last) show of support for Mitt Romney -- rear window of a car in Friday traffic.


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