24 September 2008

Waiting and waiting some more

On the knitting front, there's been a lot of entrelac and animal knitting.

entrelac piece is a Dreambaby DK vivid yellow blanket for a coworker who is expecting her 2nd son.

I gave her the choice of either a knitted toy or the blanket and showed her a sunny yellow colour experiment I'd worked up in sadly discontinued Paton's Look At Me.

No, that's not a weird blocking moment, the entrelac elements are not the same size. That's not a mistake, it's by design based on an earlier experiment in trying to make some not otherwise working out hand paint yarn to work and play well with a stitch pattern.

As the blanket progressed, and as the baby's gender and final name decision came into play, it struck me that a blanket plus toy was in order -- enter the duck featured in Knitted Toys by FionaMcTague.

But that needed a bit of tweaking since the whole knit a bunch of pieces and sew them together is not big on my list of love to knit styles.

Some time after I started down that path it became clear that I was going to be just a bit short of yarn so the inner duck is stuck in this mode until reinforcements arrive from Plymouth via Turkey.

Mom-to-be got a big kick out of back-ordered yarn needing to come from Turkey and clear customs before finding its way 'cross country to finish off the duck.

Another one of those long way 'round to get here things is another bit of today's news. When Ruth dies back in July, I decided that I'd finally get off my bum and try for my long term goal ofgetting my master's. Not wanting to be surprised by any lurking financial issues from forever ago, I decided to get an answer to that issue by getting student transcripts.

As it turns out, there was a gotcha but not from the expected source. It was a very old memo in a very old file that needed clarification. When it finally got cleared up, I was elated but also freaked out because I only had a few weeks before the application deadline ended.

So I faxed official transcript requests, filled out an online application that makes but little sense when your 20+ years out from your last higher educational experience, and then waited.

But again. there was a gotcha. One transcript request was lagging and my application was stuck in "incomplete" and when my credit card statement didn't show the charge I jumped into action.

Lots of (thank gods for free long-d) phone calls and voice mails later, and today the transcript is on its way and again I go into wait mode.


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