29 July 2008

Earthquakes and other changes -- losing another LYS

So you have heard that we had an earthquake? I heard about it over and over and over again.

I didn't feel it -- might have done had I been up in the wilds of RB.

But I was here in the hood where, after 20+ years in Southern California, a 5.4 quake almost 150 miles away is well below my seismic sensitivity.

The US Geological Survey has a self-reporting site for each earthquake incident survey results for today's event are here. Feel like tracking earthquakes? The USGS has a great reorganised easy to use/monitor site where you can watch for the big one.

I should note again, as I often do, one f the most memorable earthquakes I've felt in my life was the one I felt while studying in my second floor apartment in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

The NCKG newsletter arrived on Saturday with the news that Jan Metzger is now officially going out of business and closing Village Yarn in Fallbrook.

According to the newsletter, she'll only have the shop open on Saturdays between now and whenever she finally puts it in the hand of a liquidator.

Sadly, as is often the case, the cause is declining health.

In all the years, I've never been and may yet not, but I know she has loyal customers who will be very sad not to make the trek to Fallbrook.

Today's photos continue the vehicle as art/social commentary trend. I snapped these two "couldn't be more different vibe" vehicles on the Saturday.


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