03 September 2008

In 1752, this date did not happen in Britain

No, no, really, they made the shift from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar.

In 1752's Britain, the 2nd of September was followed by the 14th of September.

People rioted because they believed that the government was stealing time (as opposed I suppose to everything else) from them. We our rabble especially when they are roused.

Some years back, when the rest of Britain was ringing in Gregorian 2000 (aka Y2K), I remember reading that a small village in Wales had finally decided to make the leap from Julian to Gregorian. I appreciated the abundance of caution they took in not leaping to change just for change's sake and making sure that that whole Gregorian thing was going to work out.

In walkaboutaboutknitter's 2008 blog calendar the A-months seem to mysteriously vanished but no one rioted.

Walks were taken, knitting was done, events were attended, weird health things happened, friends visited, but blog entries just died on the vine -- in August as in April.

One of the many things that hit the needles in August but has also had a bit of a stall is a 3 out of 5 sides pentagon piece inspired by a ravelry forum hit to my positively polygonal web page. I played a little bit with a Barbie sized top down version adapted from my geometric centre out pentagon.

That play with pentagons got bumped for non-bloggable (aka secret squirrel) knitting and current baby boom knitting with entrelac, ducks and fishies playing starring roles.


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