09 October 2008

Student discount anyone?

I checked my application on Tuesday evening and sure enough, my status had changed again and I'm just waiting for the official piece of paper.

No, it isn't a case of degrees, collect the whole set but it has been a long time coming.

Frankly, I'm more than a little scared and a lot excited so I'm feeling pretty well grounded. If I was just excited I think I'd be a nut case. This is going to take a lot of planning and strong time management during a time when all the rest of the schedules in play are in flux.

I need to upgrade my home system with a new Linux server, a new switch/hub/router to handle 1Gig and above bandwidth while keeping the slower machines in the mix. The geek in me is very scared and excited about finally upgrading my hardware, my distro and seriously owning my config instead of just acting as caretaker and stop gap systems engineer.

Hardware is failing and stop gaps can't continue to suffice forever although every new adventure in working with my network give me more and more confidence in my abilities and less and less tolerance for the less than expert experts I've noted over the last nine years of learn as you go/must.

I also need to somehow balance my already complete lack of life -- and did I mention I recently took on a new volunteer gig that will have me busy every other Sunday that I'm not at the Whistlestop? -- with taking on yet another role when I still haven't managed to do the simple get my pattern PDFs up on Ravelry for sale.

Speaking of the Whistlestop knitting, Jen & Tony's fish baby blanket is once again in regroup/rethink mode.


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