02 November 2008

She's seen better days

It's the California Theatre not the Hotel California but it has definitely seen better days.

According to the San Diego Historical Society, the building was slated to be demolished in 1990 and was still standing in 2000.

Fast forward, I shot this photo back in August 2008 during one of my treks down to Little Italy with a side trip to the Gaslamp as part of the drop off my Reader crossword entry thing.

I guess it's just a bit too far off the perimeter of redevelopment. Not sure whether it's a good or bad thing that it's still standing.

Today's a Whistlestop knitting Sunday and the fish afghan is starting to make a bit more sense on this, its third design plan.

The goal is to drag it 'round for Jen's perusal but the truck needs servicing too and between the return to standard time and my recent slow off the block days off pattern the truck's issues will probably take priority 'specially since I can still get knitting done.


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