15 October 2008

Flowers along the way and a plug/plea for volunteers

The flower in the last posting is part of an urban art project that involves having artists (and not taggers) paint designs on utility boxes throughout the city. That particular one is not far from Cal Western Law School.

Today's flower is a stained glass window adorning a Victorian style home in Banker's Hill. Look for more shots of flowers, wrought iron work and other bit of design inspiration to find their way into the blog from time to time.

"The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable" -- a good and very apt quote by birthday boy (on this date in 1908)
John Kenneth Galbraith.

Last Sunday was the initial kick off of the Sharp Mary Birch Needle Arts programme. As part of the Pastoral Care Office's Arts and Healing programme.

In order to participate as a volunteer, there was orientation, TB tests and wardrobe -- ah yes, the ever attractive combo of blue polyester smock and white pants.

Still it's remarkably rewarding thing and I do hope we can grow more volunteers because the ladies are really loving the opportunity. Yes, this is a shout out for volunteers and supplies.


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