08 November 2008

Dinky to duplex?

Seemingly out of nowhere (clearly I need to get out and walk more often) I noticed that there was a skeletal frame where a house once was.

That particular missing house is one that has amused me for the better part of a decade.

It was a dinky little house on the corner of 10th and Robinson that always seemed to go on the market for an inflated price whenever the buzz about it being a seller's market reached near hysteria.

I could be wrong but it seemed like it went on the market, didn't sell, got withdrawn from the market and then hit the market again the next time the hype about a seller's market hit a new high.

Even in a seller's market not putting a little bit of effort into curb appeal and otherwise tarting a place up tends to mean that the property won't sell unless the buyers are total bozos with almost no competing inventory.

A few weeks after I first noticed the change, the new framing suggests that this another what once was one will be two.

Normally, I'm not a fan of this sort of change but, in this case, it couldn't happen to a better house.

I do hope for whoever took it on as a project, that this time the money/investment will work out but I have my doubts.


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