16 November 2008

All just ducky

More of the duck in process. At the moment the big issue is making sure all the bits are securely attached.

Considering how patch worked a project this has been, I'm pretty happy with it.

I'm going to keep the feet flatter than the legs so they look a little more like feet. The technique will involve quilt batting, a crochet hook and a bit of sewing.

Also involving sewing will be the to be embroidered eyes. The black cotton is at the ready.

Were I to do it again or help someone through doing the project, I'd still do the body in the round but I wouldn't divide front and back. Instead, I would go 100% seamless and just use fully fashioned paired decreases.

I would eliminate the body to head seaming by either just going directly into knitting the head or by picking up stitches from the body's neck edge and knitting the head in the round from bottom to top.


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