15 November 2008

Duck parts

Here's the reworked duck body back, base and side views. The knitting wasn't nearly as difficult as the ripping out and separating strands.

I considered sewing the previously completed legs to the base but I couldn't really get good positioning.

My next idea was to knit the live leg stitches to the the the front of the body and do a little bit of short rowing to give the duck a small belly that would make that not look totally weird.

I actually did proceed with that idea but I was less than thrilled with the result so I frogged back the leg stitches.

Because I knit the base from short end to wide, there's a bit of a ridge line that I'm putting in the less than ideal but acceptable side of knitting perfection.

Beak knitting, sewing and stuffing are on the agenda for the rest of the weekend.

On another watery front, the fish afghan is also swimming along again with two of the four panels near completion. I'm still ignoring the 300 pound gorilla that is how exactly I'm going to connect the panels to each other and a few other complications.

The recent water theme isn't just related to the active knitting projects, I think it is also a wish for an end to the Santa Ana/high pressure to low pressure roller coaster the weather's been on lately. I'm so very over having nose bleeds because the air's so dry. I don't live inland, I live in the coastal zone -- humidity should be making me complain about dampness in November.


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