17 November 2008

Not so secret any more -- let the knitting in the sun shine

Got an email the other day lifting radio silence on my latest secret squirrel cannot be blogged about project. The radio silence is lifted because it's available for pre-order on Amazon.

It's called Knitting in the Sun (KITS) which is Kristi Porter's 3rd book and I, along with two other members of my knitting guild, are among the contributing designers.

To be more specific, I'm the whack job who designed the knitted beach chair -- hey she asked and it sparked a few ideas.

I had a couple three other related designs in mind but the timing and some emails gotchas (can you say battling SPAM filters gone mad?) meant they didn't make the cut. So I guess I'll just have to make them available some other way.

After I finished the pattern write up and most of the knitting, I came up with about a million easier and arguably more elegant ways to do the project but I'm still pretty happy with it and I know I achieved my goal of producing something that looked more like a really nice beach chair and not like a knitting project.

I was pretty sure that I had achieved the goal but it was hugely reinforced when several people tried to buy it from me while I was just trying to get a good photo for my own purposes before delivering it to Kristi.

The day I dropped it off someone else's contribution arrived by post and I got a quick peek at some of the other designs that had already arrived. There are some really lovely projects in there.

Hopefully promotional material will be available in time for TNNA in January.


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