26 November 2008

Just in time for the holidays

While I was still doing the trek to Little Italy thing with the reader x-word puzzle thing, I spotted this van parked in Banker's Hill.

It struck me then that this was clearly a great service with a well designed logo and tag line. If you can't read it clearly that tag line is "You do the drinking. We'll do the driving."

It did occur to me that upholstery cleaning products might be a significant business expense for this sort of endeavour but I still think it's a great idea that safer and cheaper than most cab options and a helluva lot cheaper than a DUI.

So in honour of the holidays and the still in stir digital image situation, I'm resurrecting the car/vehicle theme and offering this public service announcement and free press for the biz.

Today was the day I was supposed to have an Angel account and also be registered for 203 (aka the newly required 1 unit class). It didn't _shock_ happen so I'm thinking that the earliest is 1 or 2 December -- pish.

I am, of course, suddenly having those self doubt moments that I somehow after years and years (okay, so maybe decades) of computer and online competency somehow I did something wrong in signing up for the account and that my whole academic career is in limbo.

According to my iGoogle applet, on this date in history on 1789. a different George POTUS declared today a national day of thanksgiving to celebrate the new US constitution.

Later, in 1863, the first national Thanksgiving was celebrated and it too wasn't about Puritans and Pilgrims but giving thanks for the end of the civil war -- trust me to be a shatter illusions/myths with a dose of truth


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