15 December 2008

Accessories be here and the post that isn't here/there

The different Dell shipping structure continues to amuse. There were two packages from Dell software & accessories waiting for me when I came home tonight. The two probably could have been consolidated into one but the mousie boys and the docking dudes (aka the Logitech lads and Kensington kids) may not work and play well together.

Still, while the ruby red laptop and the 19" flat screen monitor are still "being built" which I believe is code for in queue and/or on a slow boat from China, the companion ruby red nano mouse and my wow what a difference in less than a decade docking station are here in San Diego cycling on station -- and hopefully not disappearing into my apartment's infamous black hole in the interim.

The mouse came in a sweet little box inside a padded envelope. Batteries (not nicad) were included but the truly tiny transmitter was almost overlooked and trashed -- seriously. Unless that's a planned purchase a replacement strategy, putting it into a three channel plastic bag with the "desktop USB extension" would be a better packaging solution than the single channel separate plastic bag option..

Have I ever mentioned that, during my Kaypro days I worked very closely with the mech engineers to figure out how we could make documentation (including binding choices) and software decision that would allow us to simplify the packaging of our systems? In Kaypro talk, that was sort of optimising things so we could use the same "pizza box" for software/pubs with systems regardless of whether it was the full bundled software suite or just the O/S and drivers.

Just a different form of spatial real world Rubik's cubing. BTW, I suck at Rubik's cube and the like. Somehow, for all my love of seeking patterns, those puzzles lack real world meaning to me. Maybe because they all have a predefined outcome and real life has more of an open ended find the constants then work back through the variables to find best answer that will work for as many permutations as you can find/define.

That little twisted paragraph walks me down the path of the post that isn't here. Bit of a mish mash about meta tagging, blogs, and the tension between rigid taxonomies/controlled vocabularies and Liberty Hall folksonomies. If you're a careful reader you'll note that my blog tagging is erratic at best and that isn't just because I'm an admittedly lazy blogger but also because I have very ambivalent feelings about that tension.

If your eyes are glazing over from the "onomies" I'd not be shocked. And that's yet another reason why that's the blog entry that isn't there/here. For the moment at least, I'm acknowledging the tension, recognising the value of all views and opting out of the fray at least until and unless I go on a wild indexing/tagging spree.

Today's photos is the beautiful Barbie in the red dress that got away.


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