13 December 2008

Shop she said and other plans

I'm feeling a tad guilty for not:
  • going to Sharp Mary Birch today for a holiday thank you party thing
  • doing more stable muck out and network reconfig
  • doing the final finishing and laundering of Lucy's entrelac blanket & Dylan's duck
  • doing long languishing personal laundry
  • getting in lots of exercise
I did, however, manage to clear the queue of a backlog of blog entries, start actually sewing and documenting how those squares become a knitted duck toy and get a head shot of Dylan's duck now with embroidered eyes.

I also made good on my ride shotgun on a shopping expedition. Its been a long time between a good girls day out and I've always been a good shopper whether it be for me or friends. I have an eye and I don't lie -- in the old evil versus vicious drag queen joke, I'm the evil one who will tell you that the dress makes your ass look like an Airbus A38.

No worries about Airbus sightings on this trip -- other friends' joking not withstanding, in the grand scheme of things she's much more of an experimental ultralight.

Fashion Valley, or any mall, isn't exactly my idea of a good time even under non-holiday conditions. But, we had a general plan of attack to hit the most likely shops while being open to window shopping for other options.
Hey, she was topping off a day that started with a first year law school Property law final, so hitting a mall during the hols for a friend seemed way more fair.

Honestly, it was a lot of fun. We had a couple of dresses that got away -- out of budget, not the right size or just the wrong cut -- but we scored big time with four garments and very different but very classic looks that will work for many years to come.

We also had quite a few laughs at the expense of some buyers who had clearly bought too much into some non-performing trends/styles and some totally wouldn't play in Cinci outfits like the first one in this blog entry. The colour is so not true but trust me, in person, in the shop whose name I can't recall where the sheesh what a hottie she is dress fit her like a dream but got the can't justify budget axe lived -- (good luck parsing this sentence after
sheesh), it was damned near my Jam's World cabbage roses dress Aloha wear gone mad.

I'll have to clear it with the beautiful Barbie before I shift up her image in the red dress that got away from the same shop -- memory moment, upper level, to the East side, dresses that drew us included a tightly horizontal pleated blue graduated colour dress with a wide patent black belt and a full length vertical pleated
blue graduated colour dress.

The second photo is of the stunning little number (
Travessia Dress) we found after scoring at Banana Republic and H&M while circling back to Express for the first dress she tried on and just to check audition of a style not previously considered.

Travessia was one of the oh blow the budget and not the right size variety. The Anthropologie web page does so not even remotely do justice to the Parisian retro colour, embroidery etc. of this baby in public. It would be amazing on Barbie but, as we put it on the day, saved by the not immediately available in my size fairy.

I dunno, I'm still having visions of Barbie channeling Audrey Hepburn with a picture hat, this dress and flats. Me? I'm kinda loving it more that the hot red number that was a bit more Marilyn.

On a totally different note, my indulgence on the day was at Papyrus where I went just a tad mad refreshing my holiday card assortment on the buy three get the fourth free deal. I went mad enough to get two, count 'em two of the BYOB canvas bags for $5 each. As a serious bag hag, I can attest that this really is a great bag.


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