01 December 2008

The planets were aligned and I tried to go with it

Today's agenda included such fine fun events as paying rent, still more cleaning (now clear that goal for today was a stretch goal), a trek to the landfill, and picking up the purchased furniture to stage it for installation.

That somehow it also involved tracking down my neighbour James who has everything to loan jumper cables to another neighbour whose flight back to San Diego got waved off the night before due to fog was just an unexpected twist to an odd day.

I'd heard that the night sky celebrating one of my own personal special days was going to be quite the show with the moon, Venus & Jupiter in a tight alignment not seen in some 200 years or so and not to be seen again for YMMV as to who to believe when it will be seen again.

Given the fog story of late I was pretty sure that I was going to totally miss the show if I even took another break to pop my head out and take a peek.

After running the first round of errands, I filled the tank in the van -- something that until recent gas price drops was a 22 gallon yeah right not going to happen proposition. Then I swung by the industrial park to settle up $$, bring a couple more pieces back home in the newly cargo emptied van and get a sanity check on the size of the desk.

Good news, bad news, on the desk. It is really is bigger that the space will easily accommodate so the total rethink of the the space and Rubik's cube shuffle of furniture between the living, dining and computer rooms isn't optional and since it isn't complete, I'm going to be living in a weird warehoused staging situation for a bit yet.

Oh well. My best gloss on that is that it will keep me on target.

We ended up not going through the not so fun process of taking the seats out of the van for desk transport.

Instead we took James' SUV and tools. Got there, tore things down, I took a few b-day cell phone calls and then we got everything back.

While James took a well deserved break, I moved stuff into living now staging room. Since James is going to be home in Texas for Xmas, I've been shifting/shuffling my priorities to push the don't think I can do without help projects to the front of the queue.

Instead of hunkering back down, I opted to run some shopping errands. I was in search of a few things beyond dinner.

First. in a great idea that didn't quite work moment, I'd combined glass blocks with two leaves from my antique oak table to create a shelf on a table in the computer room. What worked was that the blocks did create a shelf and did help keep the not in use leaf from bowing and also didn't block the light. What didn't work was the whole table as desk thing.

But since I moved the big television (not flat panel, not wide screen, just honking huge and heavy) once again across the living room and moved the low white thing under the dining room window, I repurposed those blocks and leaves to add a shelf for storage and also give Kali a much coveted window ledge perch to watch comings and goings in the alley.

My idea was some additional furniture move it dammits to move the mid century stereo cabinet and glass blocks to add a shelf to it after I moved it into the dining room. Some Google searches, some phone calls and sure enough Home Depot no glass blocks unless I wanted to drive to the South Bay and Home Expo web page a total waste of searching bandwidth.

So I rolled out, dithered started West, turned back North and my reward? Not just the glass blocks for less (but ask me about the customer non-service on the ground) than last go 'round but more importantly, as I was making the first of two right turns to roll pull into Home Expo, I looked left and saw the crescent moon, Venus & Jupiter in the low right sky.

When I came out from shopping, the fog had completely obscured the sky show.

I have no picture except in my memory and I refuse to think of it as an upside down frowning face. I'm going with a gift to me to have the opportunity to see it.

I've one more day before I have to give the full tilt effort a break and go back to day job. We will not be discussing plans for mega laundry loads or weaving of ends and the looming/lurking baby in the offing projects.

I should have photos, I should show progress. I will not be showing apartment WIP snaps. If I'd been willing to share my chaotic surroundings I''d not be doing the major muck out.


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