29 November 2008

A break in the action

After two solid days and a full morning of cleaning, sorting, moving and sneezing while still less than 100% recovered from Wednesday's unexpected and not terribly welcome serious sick session, this afternoon, I took a break and took a walk to clear my head, get some air, do some shopping and talk to someone other than myself and Kali.

Sometime when I have a little more time and inclination maybe I'll try to diagram that sentence. I suspect it speaks better than it diagrams. Speaking of diagramming sentences, no photo but I can highly recommend this delightful little title on just that subject. Perhaps because I'm somewhat obsessed with patterns and structure, I loved diagramming sentences and consider it much more of a lost art than, oh say, knitting.

None of the photos in today's posting are from today's walk but rather from previous walks when I was in the absent and not blogging mode.

Continuing with the car theme and in a who knew? moment, I couldn't resist taking this shot of what appears to be an elusive but popular trend in car interior design. My Google eliminate lots of kiddie car seat search yielded this Google Answer link about the trend/product -- don't follow the photo link on Google Answers it doesn't work. Still, I found it an interesting glimpse into a seat cover car culture that goes beyond the sheep skin and over sized t-shirt world.

Combining the car/vehicle theme with one of my pet peeves, I offer this image. The verb is jobbing not jobing -- it may be a great job search resource but it just jacks my jaw.

Come on, if the job search company can't even spell should job seekers just all throw (or to keep with the so very not right thing "through") random typos and grammatical errors into their resumes when using this service? Good for goose, good for gander -- eh?


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