19 October 2009

As seen along the way -- a mountain of cloud

Since last post was long on words and short on images, today's seen while walkabout is very visual.

Surprisingly, no much colour balance dithering was involved with this image.

Just a random in the hood walkabout shot from some months back.

I know that I was looking North & East across Balboa Park from 5th or 6th at some undefined point South of Upas. My memory says near Nutmeg/Maple but I can't be sure.

The vision of a mountain of cloud, light fluffy, white and inviting was too wonderful not to shoot & crop.

It could easily be confused (okay, might need some photo tweaks) with a snow covered mountain top in the distance from a semi-tropical scene.

More elusive than that, it is a big fluffy cloud impersonating a mountain or mountain of candyfloss/cotton candy.

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