16 October 2009

October is for organising one in a series

The room that is my yarn studio, like most of the rooms in this apartment, has a less than ideal layout -- limited wall space (lots of doors/windows and door swing stuff).

It was far from perfect at move in and,
despite repeated efforts to reinvent it, arguably has only become more dysfunctional since then. Okay, adding more yarn, needles, patterns, projects and fabric may have had something to do with that. . .

Now that I am in the midst of the current incarnation of the Autumnal archaeological dig, I'm taking the extra time to really put like things with like things and not just stash the stash. I've been guilty of the stash the stash story but another part of this go 'round has been to rethink my prior sorting strategy both as new yarn comes into the picture and old yarn exits to a new makes more sense sort order happen.

With a bit of luck, this like things with like things and really taking stock, will mean that I will either finally start working on some of these projects (especially the sewing ones) or admit my lack of interest and pass them along (donation rotation) to someone who's more motivated/interested.

I've been at this for a few (eek) weeks now and although things are still in flux (or crazy chaotic mode depending upon your perspective) I'm now at the fine points decision mode.

For example, is it better to keep the small file cabinet with design/pattern notes/submissions in the studio or in the office/computer room? And does it really make sense to try to keep all not in use knitting needles in one location.

So the powder room off the studio which had literally been a marginally functional crafting library can now function as a powder room but is still mostly about books and knitting needles.

The crowd them out knitting magazines have moved from there to a new set of shelves in the studio. I'm still not happy about the magazine storage but it is a way better for now improvement.

Sadly, the sewing machine, having had its table shifted into computer duty in the office months ago, no longer has a working home in the studio. The best I can do right now is non-functional storage and even that's a where's the shelf/floor space issue.

Photos not shown include the cone zone, fabric stash round 1, do I really own that much fine gauge should be tatting thread and my deeply shallow mannequin (she's an IKEA wireform), the Goko perch and more.

There's still a lot of stuff hanging off of other things as some crazy mix of visual stimulation/overload.

Some of it is just borderline clutter and some is about baskets holding things waiting to join up with others of their ilk (the go back bins) and some is keep it in sight so I can keep it in mind for design purposes but that's part of how a studio works for me -- a complex mix of everything in its place (and that place can evolve over time) and bits and pieces out to visually stimulate/flirt with my creative juices.

And no, not all yarn, wire, needles, fabric, projects (in process or otherwise) are confined to the studio space. Some of that is inspiration and some is just not having space that works. Still, trying (from time to time) to enforce my version of the guest worker programme (you can come out and play but then you have to go back to the selection pool.

I'm also trying to figure out how to move photography into the studio so I don't have a semi-permanent installation on the dining room table. There never has been a good answer in the studio space unless I completely eliminate any guest room/seating/sleeping from the room.


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