06 July 2009

Grrr gauge or when is #18 not #18

One of the perils of knitting with non-standard materials is that the materials don't always have to meet any sort of knitting QA standards.

I mean, come on, the world will not end and the job will not stop on a job/construction site if the #18 Mason twine from one package to another is not quite the same weight as the last batch.

That's my current excuse for not getting gauge or, more precisely, not seeing much difference between several different runs at the same project with different stitch counts on the same size needles.

I'm not unfamiliar with the idea that sometimes that's not the issue but rather that the thread/yarn whatever will only bend/morph change so much within the range of needles that it can be worked with -- or to put it another way, it doesn't effin matter what you do your spi isn't going to get tighter no matter how much pain you put yourself through.

So I'm still on the deconstruct and reconstruct side of the fish afghan. I'm thinking that the story of the fish afghan blanket will be right up there with the how Theo came to be born (aka the delivery saga) and I'm hoping that when blankie finally meets baby for more than a casual nod in a bar that they will bond.

And you know what? Even if that doesn't happen Jen, Tony & Theo are so special and such good people, the finished product is working up to be so wonderful, and the journey has been worth it.


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