02 June 2009

Oy vey, what happened to May?

Last year's blog calendar omissions were A months.

This year, although April had a short run -- drop off after the 22nd -- mostly we're having other issues.

So what up with May?

Short answer is that it got away.

Yes, it rhymes and that totally sucks but, as my cell phone voice mail used to say, WHAT-ever or What-EVER where's my fave linguist when I need her?

So confession, I had to admit that I'm not enough of a super steel woman to hunker down and, with a highly limited to less than zero support network, ace my master's degree term papers 30+ years after I wrote my last term paper, using a previously unknown to me style (APA) while coping with the whole lay off story.

I just betcha that's a total run on sentence and I'm so very sure that I don't much care. It is what it is.

Honestly, I'm proud of myself to have confronted the can't get there from here before it was all slam into the wall and no way to recoup/regroup. I'm doing my best to stop with the self-flagellation of not living up to my internal insane standard of achievement.

So May got away and we will so not discuss the fish afghan (or my own personal fish tale).

Okay, so maybe we will, I still need to rip out and pick up stitches to graft the last panel to the others.

Previously in process loose ends in the category knitting that are still loose:

  • Need to be woven in ends for the diagonal rib sweater for the 44 sweaters project
  • A crocheted loop (or two) and button closure for the something sunny for Stacy (also 44 sweaters)
  • Aforementioned fish afghan
  • Way more projects that we hope gentle readers will have either forgotten about or will be nice enough not to remind me about
I'm just going to delete the 27, yes 27, place holder entries and write forward a bit to cover the stuff I thought interesting enough to note, photograph but not find time to blog about.

So for today's eye candy we have another in a series of the walkabout vehicle, babe are you sure you're not a dude, vehicle images.

Old Fords and a natural stone are nothing compared to old Fords with lace stencils -- sorry Willie


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