01 April 2009

Hello April

If you look closely you can spot the two cavorting tree lizards that distracted me while the icord made a break for it.

Today's news on the shorted circuit or the tale of the missing tome was that, indeed, the book had gone missing somewhere in the San Diego County library system. Good news? Not my responsibility but the bad news is that I still don't have it in hand.

The other piece of good news is that supposedly, there's another copy on the shelves at one of the participating schools and I have a request in for that copy. It would be nice if it arrived in time for me to spend this weekend the way I planned to spend the last but I'm not holding my breath.

Two post RIF tasks that got my attention today. The first one was phoning to figure out what was up with the pension payout/rollover money.

Thought we'd filed all the right paperwork almost three weeks ago, but apparently we missed a couple of highly non-intuitive pages. So the guy on the other end walked me through how I needed to navigate the paperwork and I had it ready to hit the post before I needed to head out for the other post-RIF task.

The benefit is a job coach/development whatever service (San Diego office is in inland Encinitas -- eek) but I figured I'd get that going and combine it with Knit@Nite and sweater delivery.

I don't honestly know if I can do the programme while I'm juggling school and all the other fun life's been throwing at me of late. It may make more sense to delay the benefit until I'm finished with this semester and just doing the single Summer session I plan to take. But at least now I know it can be delayed and not yet another someone else's timeline story.

It wasn't a bad run up the way and being on that stretch of El Camino Real is a real blast to the past when life revolved around teenagers and movies at the AMC Theatres on El Camino Real.

I managed to find some cute buttons at the nearby Michael's and drop the pension paperwork into the post before rolling South to La Jolla and Knit @ Nite.

I was running fairly early and got a little turned around and ended up in Cardiff so I swung North to see if Karen & co had any better button options (they didn't although we tried).

Note to self, you have to swing Northeast from the Manchester/El Camino Real merger to Rancho Santa Fe and a few variants to get back onto a stretch of El Camino Real on the other side of the lagoon.

By the time I left Black Sheep, it was late enough that I was not inclined to jump on the 5 and play merge games so I took the coast road to Via De La Valle and then inland to my old miss the merge trick which, fortunately, I remembered better than the whole Manchester to El Camino Real route.

The miss the merge trick worked even better than it used to since my Knit@Nite destination meant that I only needed to go one exit on the 805 and that was one exit before things were getting seriously ugly.

The other suitably foolish photo on the day I shot on the Friday. Clearly some kid's balloon sculpture decided to make a break for it and found this plant irresistible.


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