26 March 2009

The Bs double Ds and AT &Ts

Not sure what's up with the blogger thing. Email to walkabout knitter account informs me that I need to ask for a review to avert the dreaded blog deletion.

I think I already asked for and even perhaps got a review/reprieve already since I'm able to publish new posts but I've nothing to confirm that fer shur so I'm wondering if I shouldn't back up and archive three years of postings as a JIC like I did when I opted to mirror my positively polygonal virtual seminar class for the old KBTH's Way Beyond The Hebrides Fall 2004 Virtual Conference.

Perfectly good SIM card sacrificed only to discover that the reason I was having intermittent can't reach me issues with the cell phone was, in fact, an AT&T network outage -- gnashing of teeth and not happy noises.

'Specially not happy since now I'm locked into two more years of the sort of cock-up that put me here.

Oh well, any one with an old and also useless SIM card, get in touch, I think they'd make great earrings/jewelry and I currently only have one useless one. . . mutter, mutter.

Found all this TMI about AT&T while trying to track down and contact another San Diego local knitting group that seems to be otherwise disconnected from the larger corpus of knitting groups.

The B is Barbie who is buried in run up to 1L finals. The double Ds -- Dana and Deidre who couldn't come out and knit at Urban Grind tonight. All Ravelers.

Urban Grind, I was late since I was in endless and not terribly useful on the phone with the wonderful folks at AT&T. Nothing really against the folks I spoke with but lots against the escalation and public communication model they are working with.

So late and solo but it was good. I tore through a couple of chapters of the bodice ripper/page turner that is Chowdhury's Introduction to Modern Information Retrieval (several references btw to yesterday's Ada Lovelace Medalist btw including one to a paper I've been reading recently).

I did manage to get another three fish sewn onto the back of the fish afghan that's 5 out of 20. Minor accomplishment but I'm okay with that.


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