23 March 2009

File the sunny sweater for Stacy under almost done. That seques nicely into today's exercise in trying to get stuff done.

Turns out that the county library card I got means that I can borrow books
from local Universities using the San Diego Circuit with my county card. These are books that I would only be able to get with my city library card through inter-library loan or from the universities themselves by paying for borrowing privileges.

That's handy considering that trying to get some resources when you are a distance learner is way harder than it needs to be.

After much fuss, one of the books I want/need for a project is heading my way via San Diego Circuit and the other is hopefully coming via inter-library loan.

Getting this all sorted involved lots of clicking and cursing about on a variety of highly unhelpful web page and also a number of lovely conversations with librarians and library workers at a number of organisations. The conversations were lovely, the web pages not so much.

It was the late open day at my nearest branch library so I took the nearing completion sweater on a little walkabout to pick up California tax forms and do the inter-library loan thing.

Just to get some mileage in, I continued on into University Heights for a bit of a ramble and the semi-inevitable slightly lost search for the bridge that crosses Washington.

Why I can never seem to remember that it is Maryland to Lincoln to Vermont is a mystery. But that just means I get to walk around an awfully nice neighbourhood.

Finally found my way with a little help from a local dog walker and checked out a cute little house for rent (not for me, for some searching friends) before crossing the bridge back into Hillcrest.

A stop in at Trader Joe's and I wandered home just as I was finishing the last of the yellow part of the sweater.

Next up, knitting/purling in the green and picking up stitches to create a and for this little gem. While I had the sleeves curl forward, I'm thinking this edging will roll back.

Still haven't decided how I'm going to work the closure on this. I'm pretty sure that I am not doing ties but that's about the only decision I've made so far.

Photos on the day are manly men who can be seen in and around Park Boulevard near El Cajon Boulevard.


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