17 March 2009

Go Ko a go go and something about the date

I understand the need to be frugal in these tough economic times but I'm trying to figure out whether this sign indicates a less than effective reuse of a flyer from 2007, a reuse of 2007 calendar or if there's some other date problem at play.

Whatever the case it gave me a chuckle when I saw it posted on the footbridge that crosses Washington Street behind Trader Joe's.

Other photo on the day is just another oddity seen along the way home from the bank on Saturday the 14th of March.

I've had my Goko for two years now and the honeymoon isn't over yet. The Goko may have found some new admirers after tonight's road trip.

I am involved with an informal
knitting and crochet group that meets in the homes of the members in the North County Inland area of San Diego County. A number of the members are also former co-workers of mine.

One of the newer members of the group is a software engineer and crochet enthusiast who came home from a Oz/New Zealand trip with several hanks of 2-ply wool and no ball winder/swift to make them crochet ready.

The hostess of tonight's knitting night is a ball winder and swift owner, so Jess was in luck with that whole winding thing.

When I decided that I would, in fact, make the trip North to attend, I took the Goko with me to show it off and put it into service.

There was a nice spread of Saint Patrick's day appropriate nosh and background music on the day and that went well with the arrival of my new green cell phone.

Once the crochet Walrus project ran into another bump along the creation process, the winding was on.

We actually made pretty good use of it and I was doing pretty well hand winding a hank of Knit Once Crochet too Second Time Cotton until I dropped the hank off my shoulder and it snagged the chance to snarl.

Detangling was on order for the rest of the evening with one to four participants and lots of head shaking in the mix. Once Vicki was involved, well then we had a project manager and lots of laughs to boot.

The link is to the Goko product page at Village Spinning and Spinning and Weaving in Solvang but I actually bought mine from the marvelous Morgaine of Carolina Homespun. Not that I'm a fibre pusher or anything, or okay, so maybe I am.


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