09 March 2009

Political Signs and Sidewalks

On Friday, I was trying to work on some additional guidelines and rules for data entry for the group project as I think that's an area where we sort of relied on terse comments and an expectation that we'd be working with a "reasonable" cataloger who would have some knowledge of the collection.

I found myself falling down a bit of a rabbit hole as I tried to hack out rules for every decision point so when I went walkabout and really pushed myself to get in some mileage.

I had yet another leaf in progress and I was making some changes to the ad hoc pattern that would help increase for the border icord when the piece got to the size when it was time to split the sections.

It was mostly working until I realised that I needed a different positioning of the increases for the sides and the centre -- duh, frog central.

For some reason or another all the sidewalk signs in the last couple of days seemed to be have a lot of political stuff going on.

I'm sure I must have walked by this Dick Cheney stencil many times without triggering on it or maybe I just always walked by when the whole stop and take a picture would not have been a clever move.

Then there was the clear buy local theme of the tractor stencil.

I've actually seen one or more of those stencils around and have even tried to get a decent shot before.

I've often found it amusing how close this stencil is to the Tractor Room. I'm not suggesting that the country boy had anything to do with the art but I like the positioning.

Not sure whether the wake up call on the utility box was related to the strange little creatures on the nearby sidewalk and wall and I'm not sure what they are all about but I like them.

They look familiar but I'm not sure whether that's because I've "seen" them but not really noticed them before or if they are a from some other reference point that my brain is refusing to serve up right now.

It's been that way lately.

My good intentions of just knuckling down and concentrating on school could only last so long before the sheer reality of all the up in the air questions and bubbled up and had to be confronted.

It isn't that not I'm taking steps and taking stock, I am but the racing thoughts and pure stress of it are had to surface at some point.

Now that the relief over the other stresses associated with just how toxic things were feeling at work the last couple month is fading, the stress of not having that job are slamming into me.

In today's other annoyance, is the fact that the replacement cell phone is behaving less and less reliably. It seems to always be fine when I'm home but other places less so.

While I was rambling over into Mission Hills, I kept getting the dreaded "no network coverage" which is pretty much an off the grid status and the turn it off and on and other work around not happening.

This is very not good when the number is the number out there for job opportunities and such.

And I need my exercise not just for the see less of me more often factor but also for mental health so the phone has to keep me connected.

I had noticed this occasional trend up in the wilds of RB previously but it is now getting worrisome.

On Saturday, I started the day with a empty the truck run to Old Town Recycling where I gave some of my stuff away and got some stuff from other fellow recyclers then I ran an errand over in the Morena area.

Along the way, I caught sight of this little bit of commentary right in the middle of Old Town and had to flip back around to catch the shot.

In another my that's interesting, how did I miss that Old Town moment, I noticed that there have been some changes at the Mormon Battalion building. Looks like a major renovation is in progress.


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