28 February 2009

Scattered sidewalk hearts, small images & sore insteps

I'd been meaning to get to the Small Image show at Studio 21 in Spanish Village when it was actually open for the better part of February.

Well, for the better part of February after I stopped kicking myself for not managing to get my ducks in a row and enter either the wedding cake or the chair pin cushion into the show even though I had been specifically invited to enter them during last year's show.

Stupid me, I didn't sign up then, or at any point during the year, to actually get the prospectus.

Anyhow, today they were packing up the show as I was walking through and since it was the same woman (whose name escapes me) and she remembered me and the invitation/work there was some some squirming and such on my part.

But also because she remembered me, I got to look at the exhibits even though technically the studio was closed. I didn't get a huge great look but it was better than nothing.

Today didn't go exactly as planned on the project side of the house as our Eastern correspondent ended up not being able to log on from work so that kind of pushed things out a bit.

Still, people caught some much needed break time and progress was made.

I'm not a big hearts and flowers kind of person but I big on strange sidewalk public art. I actually took this picture on Valentine's day over on 5th shortly after narrowly avoiding a collision with a cyclist.

I saw another one over on 6th tonight on the way home but my camera was not interested in in cutting me any slack on the low light photography front. I may have to put finding where more scattered hearts into my stuff to look for when navigating the 'hood.

All in all I managed a five mile or so walk to and through the park.

It was very clear to me that it had been far too long since I took that trek in my beloved havaianas. Although they aren't full in the blister warning zone yet, my left instep felt pretty tender by the time I got home.


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