19 January 2009

Phoning it in

When I started out to walk down to TNNA on Saturday, I had to circle back because I forgot my phone.

Hard to connect up with others when your phone is sitting at home on your desk. That's true whether the desk is three or a thousand miles away.

I had a plan for the Wall O Yarn, left the booklet at home and printed out just the pages I'd missed on Friday night. Good plan, although that's when I discovered that the printer's ink cartridges had all gone pink (code word in this case for gone well past their use by date).

As is often the case, it took me longer than usual to get started and the detour back for the phone didn't help.

I did manage to pick up stitches on the side of the fish afghan -- eight fewer than I needed but I picked them up never the less.

At the show, I finished Wall O Yarn, connected with lots of folks, finally caught up with Maggie and got about half way through the show floor before close of day.

Libby and the Stitch N Pitch folks would love to take the beach chair on a baseball road trip to be photographed at ball parks across the country but they'll have to work that out with Kristi and her promotional tour plans for KITS.

I took a circuitous route up to the bus stop by Horton Plaza in the hopes that the Office Depot down by the tracks was still open and I could score ink cartridges. It wasn't -- bummer but the bigger bummer on the day was the phone. Having just missed one bus, I dug around in my bag for the "watch" read phone and found it not.

Phone has a nasty way of hiding so, while annoyed, I was feeling pretty sure that it was just hiding in the bag and that when I got home I'd find it.

Didn't happen. Phoned phone, no reply -- bugger. I'm still fine, thinking the keypad's locked, it's probably in someone's booth and I'll find it on Sunday. We'll do a Marco Polo thing and it will turn up.

Tried that one Sunday and no joy. When I got home from the show, I contacted my provider and sometime late Saturday night, someone started using the phone. We shut that party down but no phone, contacts, all the headaches, none of the fun.

It took most of the day today just to get the phone story somewhat sorted and I almost missed the Elluminate session. Good thing there wasn't a video component to it or I would have terrified folks.

More happier stuff about TNNA and the weekend soon. Including a Jess & Casey encounter.


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