06 January 2009

Twaddle on a Tuesday

Another day of less than ideal health but knitting has been happening and photos have been taken.

Two closeups of the knitting as things were yesterday when I rambled off into dither mode and the out of focus image of the panels pinned out that made me decide not to go down the different colour path.

It is just a happy quirk that the start of that particular 11 stitch repeat aligned with that particular fish tail.

The yarn in the fish tail was a prime candidate for the now fer shur not happening welt.

Although the focus is lousy in the fish panel picture, the colours are truer than in the other two. The natural sunlight streaming through the window made for way over exposed and/or washed out images that I still don't quite get.

Textbooks and other need for school items are due to be delivered via Fed-Ex tomorrow and tomorrow is also the day I can, in theory, start work on LIBR203.

That's a theory because if Fed-Ex/Amazon don't come through with the mike/headset combo the whole eluminate experience is going to have to wait because my test drive of the built-in mike and speaker mix on the laptop is just not going to cut it.

The other flaw in the theory is, that with luck (or sheer force of will), I will be well enough to make the La Jolla trek and maybe even the RB to La Jolla and home trek tomorrow.

Since I haven't been getting much knitting (group or otherwise) in of late I'm really looking forward to it even if potlucks are so not me. 'Sides, I'ze an real life guild officer now so I should make an effort even if big guild days are still not something that my schedule accommodates.

New server's sendmail has not been configured, port miscommunication between the two Linux boxes has not figured out, and options for meatless dish or dessert for Knit@Nite tomorrow are narrowing.

Old standby of Welsh bread not likely since it really needs fruit in tea and sugar bath at least overnight before mixing it up with the dry ingredients. Right now I'm leaning toward the family recipe cookies that didn't make the cookie exchange due to that little must share recipe in addition to cookies glitch.

It's a family recipe. A closely guarded family recipe and I'm the guardian of same. Since technically the end of the line, I guess that also means I get to decide whose family gets it next. A couple dozen cookies are a lot easier to schlep around than any of the other alternatives.


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