25 December 2008

Soggy Seasons Greetings San Diego Style

I had two different images in queue for the Xmas blog posting. The one not chosen is a festive holiday cactus but the ducks fit the weather better.

If the forecast was rain mixing it up with patches of sun then it was accurate.

I'm sure I'd already missed a rainbow or two by the time I rolled out to face the day.

The television marathons on offer for the day included A Christmas Story (filmed in part in Cleveburg btw), Priscilla Queen of the Desert, House and Star Trek the Next Generation -- none of these, the prospect of moving furniture or even the rain were enough to keep me inside on the day.

The big trick for the day was staying warm and not getting totally drenched while still getting in some much needed exercise.

Speaking of exercise, the apartment's black hole, having returned a few items, has taken others. In the latter category, it seems to have gobbled up my pedometer. Last seen on the 19th, I think it's here some where but it could also be in the chaos that is my work desk.

I was about a mile into my walkabout and heading into the park by the zoo when the rain decided to become a bit more sincere (read come down sideways) .

The carousel was closed, the train ride open but there were no tourists or tykes lined up for tickets as I went by on my way into Spanish Village where only one studio had an artist working on the day.

Rolling through on the other side, the rain gave it a bit of a rest before kicking it up again as I was crossing the Laurel Street bridge out of the park toward 5th.

It subsided soon enough and around 2 or 2:30 the sun decided to make a cameo appearance over the bay.

But the sky to the North East was still water laden and dark as the second and third photos show. From that point on, I was pretty much stalking/trailing the storm as it headed deeper into the county.

If you were looking for a meal or even a place to stop in from the wet, to get warm your choices were pretty slim.

I suppose because so much of the fun of holidays is of the dysfunctional kind, bars were open but sweet F-A else beyond the odd liquor store, 7-11, Ralph's, Cafe Bassam, the Hong Kong Restaurant on 4th between Robinson & University, or Donut Haven on Robinson.

Although I took some other signs along the way, that will appear in some other posting, I did note that Cafe Bassam has a room, room, bar distinction that I don't quite get. I concede that tea bar doesn't have a convincing ring to it but I think that bar, room, bar has a better ring to it.

Although I took the first photo on the 6th Avenue side of the park, there were at least as many such signs on the lawn of the War Memorial Building too.

BTW, speaking of conditions too wet, remember Sunday's blog entry with the photo of the should be switched off sprinklers? Today, same story 'round about 3:30pm as I was winding my way home witness this next lovely shot.

Meanwhile, tucked up on the day with the walkabout attire drying and the fish afghan calling my name.

It's a nice night to knit on something that will help keep the chill off while working it.

Still no good picture of the other art splurge from the other day but the weather makes an challenging space for photography even more challenging.


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