22 December 2008

Laptops and widescreens and whispers of kittens

I'd already been on line for a couple of hours when my dentist phoned asking if I could shift things and come in earlier.

It was still too early to see whether I could arrange for a back up signee for the lap top and wide screen so I was a little reluctant but in the roll the dice moment, I figured that the worst case scenario would be that I missed the delivery and could tag out and run a few errands rather than being tied to the apartment/computer in the hope of St FedEx soon being there.

The day's errands included dropping off bags and packing material for St Paul's, making a Fry's run for new cabling (cat 5e or 6 to go with the new switch), a grocery store run, and picking up Kali's ashes -- such good times eh?

The rain was relentless and I considered driving but that always seems to jinx the parking story so I packed myself up into a couple layers of sweatshirts and a rain slicker to brave the falling and already fallen water.

I got drenched, or as I wrote to a co-worker "moisturised" walking to my appointment. I came back University rather than Robinson as the still inadequate storm drains are somewhat less inadequate one block up on a more "main" street.

I hadn't been home, changed. and in the process of drying out very long before the
FedEx not fairy rolled up outside. Had I kept the original appointment I'd have been looking at a hang tag and planning on a cycle on station Wednesday.

Boxes waited patiently in the living room as I finished off the work day and rolled out in the hopes of getting the errands finished before the evening commute limited my escape routes.

Bags and packing material delivered, Kali's ashes collected, truck's gas tank replenished, cables (went cat 6) acquired and other life essentials were all wrapped up and I'm mostly pau for the holiday must do list.

Whispers of kittens is a reference to Kali's ashes, not the near potential of a new mewer in my under foot life.

I'm a having a certain amount of can't go there reaction to collecting the ashes. When Maka died, the staff at the hospital had really bonded with him -- hell, everyone bonded with Maka -- and there was the whole grieving package and crazy weird appropriate hibiscus styled paw print. Yes, all a bit more rainbow bridge-y woo-woo than I can get misty about but his death was a more shared death and I got the fact that that woo-woo stuff was as much (if not more) about their grief than mine.

Kali's death not so connected and the gestures not so on point. The whole business much more standard issue, well meaning but ultimately empty gesture moment that just leaves me, well, empty. Perhaps it is just too soon or the contrast is just too stark but the intended comfort is highly uncomfortable.


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