21 December 2008

Stop -- Whistle -- Not and what about that water

A Whistlestop weekend and I'm not going to be there yet again.

I did get some licks in on the slim diagonal connecting strips but I'm not in love with the progress I'm making.

Yesterday when I got back from walkabout I went into mini marathon laundry mode. There's plenty more to do but I got the priority items done before the weather shifts again.

The duck and blanket were priority but I swear they came out of the first wash looking worse than when they went in and a second wash still has me not 100% happy with the result.

I'm not sure whether I'm being hypercritical or if things are just not coming together.

Meanwhile, today's photos are a semi-random shuffle oddities that caught my attention during recent and not so recent walkabouts.

The first is a big irk me image of sprinklers in over drive on a mostly concrete lot for sale at the corner of 7th and Robinson. It's particularly annoying in light of Southern California's water shortage and recent rain that make the sprinkler activity especially redundant and irresponsible.

Next up is a wake up call for all who were under the impression that you were the centre of the universe.

According to this sign seen during a Reader puzzle drop off back in August, the centre of the universe has moved to pier-littleitaly.com.

I've not been monitoring the progress of the condos at the centre of the universe but perhaps I'll put it on my list of things to do when I make my annual Horton Plaza trek for discounted calendars for the new year.


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