29 December 2008

More art --plans and planning

Finally, a photo of the other piece from this year's art splurge.

A little out focus but the piece itself has some blur of its own so that's my official excuse beyond the clan of cave bear apartment issues.

But here's the quiz, do you see:

  • a face
  • a figure in motion
  • both with face dominant/preferred
  • both with figure dominant/preferred
I'm in the both with figure dominant group.

The whole provenance discovery process on this is going to be fun.

I don't so much care for myself but at some point I'm either going to sell, donate, or give this to someone and it would be a good thing to know for certain who created it and be able to document that for this and my other "who knows" pieces.

The good news with this piece is that I have something more than a "generic Aaron brothers tag" on the back or similar say what good luck clue to refer to and the original framing shop is still in business.

The oil of the Japanese mountain (generic Aaron Brothers tag on the back) is sitting behind me waiting to discover which wall of the office/computer room it is going to be adorning. I'm leaning toward the wall I face while working on the Linux boxes and the laptop and dividing up the long wall behind my chair into functional areas with a mix of bulletin boards, magazine/file racks, calendars and such.

To keep that functionality from creating a "run away, run and hide" response, I may bring one of the now retired ornamental oriental fans into play.

The short segments of the window wall are looking like good candidates for the pyramid of green. Said pyramid being three graduated in size pieces all with green mats and wood of one sort or another frames. The subjects include (small to large) a piece of Italian/Spanish Gold (thrift shop find with a Philistine story), a William Morris inspired bit of paper (Wilsden, West Yorkshire purchase), Asian inspired multi-media piece (clearance sale Pomegranate).

Corner shelves above the mostly Windows work area is a little more iffy as is whether the odd wall created by the bump out of the closet will be all whimsy or the Chinese Mirror that has been cycling on station hoping for wall space for some time now.

Whatever I do, I will need to reconsider the window treatment in the room. A blue and white striped vaguely nautical feel is just not going to work with the turn to the East.

I also have an obi that really should be framed up in a shadow box of some sort but that's staying in the stretch goal, at some point, like to do at some point bin for now.


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