28 December 2008

Calendar quest, art moves & signs along the way

Having spent all of Friday inside moving heavy things, I decided that I really did need to get out into the world on Saturday.

Hey, finding the MIA pedometer without a huge mount of heavy lifting was an omen I couldn't ignore.

So, after a morning of more moving, tossing, dusting, artwork athletics, and hoop jumping at the Red Hat home page to activate my license subscription, I headed out the door a little after 3pm with my sights set on Horton Plaza and the annual Calendar quest.

Either my timing is later in the season this year, my usual source has learned the lessons of reduced inventory, or my picks have become more mainstream. Whatever the case, this year I will break with my two year tradition of tracking my weekly events with a Happy Bunny weekly planner as I couldn't find one at either Calendar Club, its lower level annex, or B. Dalton.

I was a little torn over whether to go with any cat calendar let alone a black cat calendar but in looking at the two versions on offer, I decided that the one that began with a cat that reminds me of Maka and didn't include a serious Kali like image before June would probably be a good "gives closure" choice.

This year, the current look for the weekly planner is Anne Taintor, the at home calendars are the aforementioned Black Cats and Antique Maps. My cubicle candidate is The Golden Age of Travel but if CWRU were to send me a complimentary calendar, I might keep that beautiful piece at home

I considered snagging a couple of San Diego calendars to send back to Cleveburg exiles but the colour in the photography was just really off. If they hit a 75% off bin I may reconsider and include a note apologising for the "retro" feel of some of the colour shots.

Artwork athletics explained. Having decided that the tropical fish print (another thrift store find btw) was moving to the kitchen/dining room area, on Friday, I set about the business of planning the installation.

I calculated roughly where the 31"x 36" not very light (read freakin' heavy) piece should hang on the wall and made my marks and set it aside to simmer.

Yesterday, I measured again. noted that the vent it was going to be under was so not plumb, checked the marks, hung the picture hanger and then tried to get art and picture hanger together on the wall.

I tried, tried, tried and tried. The catch the picture hanger with the wire was the major fly in the ointment that had me in a cycle of try, set aside, rethink, regroup, try again, that was very near ending in a leave it to the "must have help to accomplish" suite of stuff. Oh yeah, and I'm doing all this while holding this piece off to the side and almost above my head -- pish.

Hanging wire on picture and picture hanger on wall finally mated and the picture is on the wall and gives me about 6" above the still not installed shelf. I think keeping the shelf to picture space limited may help keep the shelf clutter more controlled.

The "must have help to accomplish" suite of stuff is still pretty much limited to get old retiring rug out from under coffee table currently operating as a television stand.

I did off load/move some of the stuff that had been on the still to be shifted bookcase but my guess is that the remaining major furniture swaps along with the server file swaps will be happening in the first few days of 2009.

Photos on the day are from recent outings. I'm particularly fond of the sens-a-tive sign and the "use next door" is clearly a lost in translation moment when the intended meaning was "other door."

Not much on the knitting front other than today's volunteer knit enabling at Sharp Mary Birch. I think that some of the knit a square make a toy animal farm knitters have either delivered or gone home to (hopefully) deliver at a later time without all the monitoring and 4th floor fussing. Still, I went armed with my own supply of polyfil and ened up writing out a recipe for a knitted horse and supervising the sewing up of a sweet little knitted lamb.


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