26 December 2008

The ones what brung me -- the paternal grandparent edition

One hundred years ago today, the 26th of December was a Saturday so it wasn't boxing day but rather the day after Christmas, and on that Saturday, one John Bowen, curate presided over the marriage of the Jones/Broadhurst paternal grandparents in the church of St James in the parish of Norton Canes. I know this and also know that the certificate required a one penny stamp.

I know the important bit of this (the marriage part) because I'm looking (and now so are you) at the original certificate, complete with original stamp featuring Edward VII. The certificate, along with my college ID card were "safely" tucked away in a wallet that was also on the missing list.

It wasn't until I bought the new desk and finally tackled the dysfunctional table that wallet, ID and certificate turned up. All three are once again safely tucked away but this time I can put them to hand at a moment's notice.

Certificate is on the must be framed list. It was clearly once taped into an album and the tape marks show. For the seriously nosy, it appeared on page 71 of the registry.

A bit of a surprise to me included the fact that my grandfather's younger (as I recall) sister was already married and acted as a witness. Also a witness, a Titley (a cousin I think) of my grandmother.

Yesterday I was saddened to learn of the death of one of my favourite playwrights, Harold Pinter. The Financial Times defined Pinteresque as "full of dark hints and pregnant suggestions, with the audience left uncertain as to what to conclude" and I like that definition rather better than his style created a sense of menace or brooding. Pinteresque for me will always mean precise language, crisp, often staccato with smoldering silences.

I don't believe I'd read Pinter before seeing his film adaption of Beytral in 1983. I don't recall whether I saw it with PDJ or not but I do recall that we had a major row over who, if anyone. was the villain of the piece. PDJ, not surprisingly, voted for Emma and, AIR, I found Robert to be more of the bastard with Jerry just the dreadfully disappointing.

Spent today in stable muck out mode.

The first order of business was putting piles of knitting books and magazines back into the STASH room in something approaching order.

For additional fun and excitement, I moved furniture back and forth across the living room, dining area and kitchen.

I was not initially pleased to discover that, no, no, really, I was right the first time and the mid century modern monster mahogany stereo unit is best in the dining area and not imitating a console table under the window behind the couch in the living room.

I was particularly not amused since that meant that the metal storage that I had already moved and staged to move into the computer room to serve as a home for wayward printers and their supplies, is back playing console table until I can find a better answer

And since I was feeling like a glutton for something, I decided that I might just as well do the butcher block island shift too. So I unloaded the not doing anyone very much good corner bookcase and moved it into the dining room and moved the butcher block island into the bookcase's former home behind the front door.

I like the now mostly loaded bookcase's new home but I don't like the look of butcher block so it may just be transitioning out the door or it might look better if I move the shredder into the office and reorient the piece.

My next moving madness involves another loaded bookcase swapping with a secretary laden with fragile bits.

Art is also moving around. The very large tropical fish print has left the office/computer room.

When I first bought it I wanted to brighten up a windowless bathroom but the wall wouldn't support the weight so it came to live in computer room as punch of colour and whimsy. It's possibly too big for the bathroom with less wimpy walls but that's a fall back position as it throwing it back overboard.

The current plan is for it to take up most of the dining area's wall. That's going to be a big shift from the living room's aesthetic so I have some concerns but it's just nails, hanging art and adjusting -- or not.

Crazy bit on the new art, I was going to do a whole wall scape combining the new brush work, some Aisan inspired multi-media pieces, and a Chinese mirror. Then I put the new piece up above the fireplace just for photos. Twist of fate and bad lighting, the shouldn't be that low, should be hung higer, doesn't fill the space right, doesn't _really_ work is starting to grow on me.

That's bad news for the office/computer room since I still have that wide expansive of wall that was supposed to get the new guy and the refugees from the living room but I think I can work it out.

Photos on the day, other than the hundred year old marriage certificate, are from yesterday's walkabout.


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