02 January 2009

Pish eh

Who was Dreyfuss. What is my response to the final Jeopardy answer currently on air on 2 Jan 2009. How could you not get that from the clue?

Okay, make that, how could you folks who just collect useless info like dust bunnies in your brain not get that?

Am I still in cranky/grumpy mode? Let's shift gears.

I love Book-Off. I started to write I heart Book-Off but it just a bit too Hello Kitty for me. More on that later.

This morning yesterday's fun with books and furniture made themselves known with a lovely pain between the shoulder blades. I ingested the self-prescribed two cups of strong black coffee, a check of email and rolled North into the wilds of Rancho Bernardo.

There was plenty o'fog and not too many vehicles on the morning commute so I was feeling a bit less grumpy about the whole not getting a long weekend story.

I was so relaxed that why it was that the light at Via Frontera and West Bernardo Drive decided to just go red and stay red for the only part of the road where there were any cars at all was more a mystery than a miff.

All things considered it wasn't a bad day. In the very quiet environment, I got a lot done and did manage to get out a draft that had problems but was more complete than I was expecting based on the way the week was going.

I'd delivered Jessica's great Book-Off finds earlier in the week and she "_huge_shock__"loved them, I'd had a Book-off detour on my mind.

Way home, when the crazy number of people seeming to feel that the safe way to cope with the reduced visibility of the fog was to tail gate the next guy finally got to me, I opted to hit the Balboa East off ramp for a Book-off foray.

My score today was more music than craft. Music CDs -- U2 (2), REM (1), Beck (2). I also looked for and/or took a pass on Cure, Clash, Smiths, Smithereens. Wallflowers and others.

I so love the fact that my most of my CD purchases included liner/lyrics in both Kanji and English.

Okay, so maybe I heart Book-off.

Now I just need to learn how to heart Red Hat network and the difference between installed packages and and executable build.

Oh yeah, and I also need to actually knit.

Walkabout knitter, not knitting or walking about as much as she'd prefer and cross fingers for the make my new Linux look enough like my old to make me happy.


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