04 January 2009

Yet another Whistlestop not

For the most part, I successfully avoided the weekend's NFL playoff games but not the hype.

While I've lived in San Diego for nearly a quarter of a century, I still don't have any real connection to the local sports teams, other than, perhaps OMBAC rugby and even that isn't as tight as it was back when I was a regular at Bully's East.

Got a nice walk (about 5 miles or so) in on both days so at least there's progress happening there .

On Saturday I also got a big welcome from my dude Tyler as I rolled by St Paul's Thrift shop and did my finish/correct the crossword thing. The tradition is that John and company start the crossword and I finish/correct their efforts. Sometimes they don't need me and occasionally I can't wrap my brain round it either but mostly it's a good symbiotic relationship. It's really just a different set of eyes/interpretation of the same clues/cues.

At Fifth Avenue Books, I heard the usual moan about OS/2 as the best O/S ever and on and on. I actually enjoy these interchanges because I feel just a bit less stuck in stasis/living in the past. There was a mini celebration as Mark realised he'd gone 10 years without owning a Microsoft product -- good on him even if it means still having the OS/2 moan.

The fallen tree from Saturday's posting has a second shot at ruining the sidewalk. As I walked on my way home yesterday evening I noticed that it was again upright and not too firmly planted in the small patch of ground.

I have some doubts about its relative health and chances of survival 'specially since unlike many of the other new plantings along the block, it stands alone without supports. There was a bicycle either leaning against the tree or tree leaning against the bicycle.

I spent most of today slowly but surely updating the installed packages on the new server. Since new Linux box still isn't front of the house and front of the house plus the older switch speed issue is a major reason for the whole update/upgrade picking too many packages to update overwhelmed the available bandwidth of the network so after a couple of slams from network service not available that were just special, I went the few at a time mode.

Good thing I had tunes and some jewelry rework to keep me occupied as the iterative process of invoke update, select packages, download, update, exit repeat waltzed through way more loops than I'd have liked.

Still some issues -- checksums that weren't as expected and some seeming disconnects 'tween what redhat network thinks has been updated/accomplished on my system and what the local system update believes has happened.

Given the fact that Firefox is no longer 1.0.x, I'm inclined to believe the local story but I'll need to figure out why things are showing an out of synch status.

Whistlestop so not happening on the day. Nor, aaaarrggghhh, is the fish afghan.

Oy with the guilt, still, at least I got off my oversized bum and walked.

Speaking of walking, today's images are from the stroll downtown on the calendar quest after Christmas.


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