03 January 2009

Bobblehead Beck

It's a steel grey slightly damp San Diego day which means that things seem to finally be settling down into behaving like Winter -- or what passes for it here.

I'm a lot better with wet and steel grey than Santa Ana so I'm not complaining especially since I don't need to drive anywhere for a couple of days.

Today's photos are from last week's walkabout but could just as easily be from today.

The first shot shows how saturated soil, a shallow root system and a cyclist combined to cause this sad end to a budding tree's life.

I fear it will never get the chance to push up the sidewalk or do any of the other things trees must surely aspire to achieve. The cyclists were still circling round muttering about bad drainage and trying their best to get into the photo -- ha! I may not Photoshop but I can crop.

If I were good at Photoshop (or Gimp), today's photo would be a genned up image of the subject line. I've long been of the opinion that Beck would make a great bobble head doll because more often than not when listening to a lot of his music, I find it damned difficult to keep still. Seriously, try listening to most of Odelay without wanting to move to the beat.

Head bobbing is about as move to music as I can get during drive time hence the Beck as bobble head idea. Makes a lot more sense to me than a Beethoven one. With respect, I like Beethoven but his music doesn't exactly inspire a move to the groove response.

It's a good weekend for knitting, computer networking, and generally getting things done.

This morning I finally ordered my text books for the semester. Dithering cost me a bit since I lost out on some bargain prices. Text books are not an area where procrastination will pay with discounts. All the more reason why I'm motivated to do really well this semester so I can have current academic references to chase after the much prized grants and scholarships.

I also downloaded three months worth of bank transactions to try to figure out how it is that my bank thinks I have significantly more money than my personal balance sheet indicates. I'm spending based on my balance sheet regardless but I'd like clear up that mystery since we were in 100% agreement as recently as the 11th of December when my account balance hit a twenty year low.

The other photo on the day is one of the utility box art instances I like to think of this one as Utility World.Too lazy to twitter but, yes, I am listening and bobbing my head to Odelay even as I type -- "I got two turn tables and a microphone. . ."

Not to lazy to roll out on walkabout to do a bit of IRL networking.


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