09 January 2009

Web 2.0 the book, the twit the -- oh shiny

While in latest iteration of stable muck out mode, I unearthed a bit of life archival material in the form of a some such (25 maybe?) of a didn't go and didn't much miss reunion.

Don't get me wrong, I liked my college. I totally enjoyed the whole experience of being able to figure out who I was, what I believed and, in the case of my school, doing it pretty much in the middle of bloody no where. Not as bad a thing as you might think.

I liked my friends, I loved lots and lots of things about the whole thing but there were a few years between graduation and California when it was more bedda for me to just be outside the orbit.

The material was a 8.5x 11 stapled listing of the class of insert year here. Since I was looking for a distraction and I insist on trying to find patterns, trends, number crunching in almost any likely sampling, I did the basics.

First up the traditional reunion stuff -- who's farthest away, who's nearest-- you know, the basics.

Without having data on the where they came from, given a small Midwestern liberal arts school that, at the time drew students largely from about a 500 mile radius, the obvious question was how many still lived within that general area 25 years on whether from bloom where you're planted or settle near school as new home.

Not shockingly, the bulk of my graduating class were still living in the same state as the school. Equally unshocking is that the next largest concentration was a nearby state where, AIR, lots of people called home before matriculating.

The hmm, factor came from the fact that California and Illinois were next on the where they're at list -- California? I think I actually knew that there were at least three of us but seven? Interesting.

Occasionally I've tripped over other alum on the web or in person.

For some reason or another, my IRL encounters with others from my old school seem to take place at REI and, more often than not, during a sale.

Enter facebook, and a how did he end up there? Guess I'll have to join facebook to see. Hmm, me? Facebook? I'll think about it.

Well, a couple three emails later from already on facebook friends and suddenly, I'm at least there even if I'm not terribly active.

Twitter too although I'm still not phone plugged in.


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