08 January 2009

We can knit, we can cook, we are the Knit@Nite group

So good to be at Knit@Nite tonight.

Two dozen of the "it makes how many?"
cookies consumed, good community sharing and just good stuff.

I"m good with solo but at some point I need knit buds and Knit@Nite is a good mix of both skills and formality (or lack of both) to work for me.

A little louder than usual. I swear I'm going to get/make Barbara an embellished gavel to bring order to our disorderly meeting.

'Course to be fair, I'll also have to make a carrying case for it and a suitable subgroup one for Linda.

It actually fun to watch Barbara (new Prez) rather than Linda call the group to what we like to jokingly refer to as order.

Pretty much full house -- hey there was food and the dessert to entree/salad ratio worked out.

For show and share, I followed the always remarkable Ruby who had previously privately shared that the much beloved Evil-lynn was not there as she was under the weather with a currently undefined (and hopefully not serious) malady.

Since said Evil-lynn had both admired and had her own (got love our friends) issues with the non-equal entelac blanket. my show and share included an explanation of her MIA as well as her issues with the blanket.

Said blanket and duck got both the oohs and aaahs over the cute factor and agreement over my not loving the laundered end fabric so here's hoping that a bit of Scripps Ranch private laundering TLC will do the trick.

Evil-lynn's absence also got lots of much deserved attention. Clearly the group quite rightfully missed her more than her potluck promised salad (not to cast aspersions on the salad).

Fish afghan in progress also got attention and reminded me that I should have thrown the spare fishies into the WIP bag to show/share.

Anyhow photo of fish welt panel progress and the deviously delightful duck and companion entrelac blanket snaps grace this posting.

Total twit that I am, somewhere along the evening I chimed in with my strong sod that view of the idea of purling wrong.

Again, IMO/E more often than not it is the Purling Police rather than the Knit Knazis that put people off the craft in my experience but the twit bit is in suggesting that Norwegian Purl is the total bomb if you're a picker not a thrower suddenly I was it for the Norwegian Purl go-to-gal.

This is not a good thing since mostly I'm still a happy thrower who mostly picks only to demo/teach the basics to hookers (crocheters) who don't speak knit.

When I need to shift gears and knit continental (pick) that takes some brain power and when I have to also purl that's another gear shift and my tranny is old, tired and used to its usual channels.

So suddenly, I'm in Big Mouth Strikes Again mode and everyone wants me to do a Norwegian Purl demo at the end of the meeting. Yeah, like we're going to finish up early or even timely and like my hasn't even knitted in days fingers/brain are going to shift from not quite native throw (insert footnote on knitting history and techniques) to still way not nature Norwegian purl mode.

End result? Find the great online resources and on Norwegian purl and put them on blog and maybe, just maybe on guild web page -- hey, I know the webmaster.

Hey, I may know/be her but I'm still on learning curve and google is not currently my friend as the link I liked most is not coming up first in my current search string -- down side of not keeping a what did I ask when history trail.


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